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@Murchie I like it, but I notice when I reply to a post I don't see my reply right away, like I do on Twitter. So, I'm not sure my post has gone up.
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+WingsScotland Spot on. But doesn't answer the obvious question - why did Labour lose if their vote was so high? Was it simple that the Tories had more votes, or did tactical voting and FPTP play a part? What about the role of the Brexit party?
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We got blocked by LBC’s James O’Brien today for very gently and politely challenging him over this tweet: And while this site most assuredly carries no torch for Jeremy Corbyn, it’s a reframing of reality that merits a bit of investigation for what it tells us about the UK media. Because the “legacy” of someone […]
Why is everyone migrating to mastodon when this place is so much better?
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