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Maureen Grieve @mozza
Retired. Forming new Women for Independence group in Kirkintilloch and surrounding areas.
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The hypocrisy of Ruth Davidson never ceases to amaze but this little tweet really takes the biscuit: That’s right folks (I have to assume that someone out there is reading this), after years of telling Ms Sturgeon to get on … Continue reading →
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And then there was none. Mysteriously one day, as if washed away in a fine rain shower after a watery sunlight, the Yessers were gone. The cleansed shine on the cobbles of Edinburgh’s North British streets signalled a new Jerusalem. As the followers of Stuart had been put down by the overwhelming martial force of […]
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Graph shows SNP failing to achieve Jenni Marra's target for NHS staffing of 20% more than any amount achieved From NHS Improvement on the BT website today: ‘The number of NHS staff vacancies has increased and is expected to rise… Continue reading →
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I try very hard to keep out of disputes between independence supporters. They’re unproductive, all too often puerile, and only serve to benefit opponents of independence. But sometimes you just want to scream at people. There is a strain of puritan middle class self-righteousness within certain sections of the Scottish independence movement which would make […]
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