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@Broonpot1 It was a great weekend
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THE school starting age in Scotland may be increased by two years in line with most other European countries.
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By Russell Bruce AT 6.30 pm on Saturday evening (25th September) the UK grid required 30330 MW of power. England did not have enough and imported 1032 MW from the Netherlands. Zero came from France, a major fire at the IFA substation in Kent means no power from the IFA interconnector will be available until […]The post Power Scotland keeps England’s lights on appeared first on...
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We try and make sense of both Cressida Dick's and Kit Malthouse's  reaction to the conviction in the Sarah Everard case and reflect on the the apparent culture of cover up and tolerance not just in the Metropolitan Police but across all forces.Sir Keir Starmer made his big set piece speech setting out his vision for Labour at his party conference. The speech itself was,to these Scottish...
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Our good friends at Yes Bellshill & Mossend are organising a #CaleyOnTour event across Lanarkshire on Sunday 1st of August. If anyone wishes to be involved with the planning can they please contact Yes Bellshill & Mossend for further information.

Political Organization
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  Academics writing for the London School of Economics have suggested independence would bring significant long-term benefits to Scotland and could be achieved without Westminster support. Richard Mackenzie-Gray Scott and Geoffrey Chapman suggest that an independent Scotland will continue growing real GDP per capita despite higher trade costs. They compare Scotland’s position to the...
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SHOULD a TV leaders’ debate enhance democracy, tackle Scotland’s truly big problems, blow away empty slogans and test the intelligence of politicians – or just measure their readiness to take random pot-shots at rivals?
The much unreported problem for anyone trying to travel to Europe.
Scottish travelers will be barred from EU after the 31 December. The Covid rules from
European commission indicates travelers from the UK political area will face a ban on nonessential travel into the EU from outside the EU.
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+fcmgroup Interesting that Catalonia can do that, even with the way Spain has treated them, but it's unthinkable to do the same in Scotland
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Joanna Cherry QC - Lord Chancellor’s oath and the rule of law - Internal Market Bill - 14.10.20
UK internal market bill now enters committee stage in House of Lords.
Monday 26th Oct
Wednesday 28th Oct
Monday 2nd Nov
Wednesday 4th Nov.
Enters report stages in House of Lords
Monday 16th Nov
Wednesday 18th Nov
Monday 23th Nov.
The third read has yet to be scheduled. Still unclear at this time, if there will or not be a final vote in Westminster on the bill.
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isdom’, has decided to publish a story which exposes an elderly woman to mockery,and which also illustrates the utterly pathetic nature of modern British nationalism and its desperate attempts to weaponise bunting and to make everything about WW2 because that was the last, an indeed possibly the only, time that the British were unarguably the […]
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I HAVE grown a little fed up of politicians spewing out dire warnings over Brexit with little in the way of corresponding action, and no, I’m not talking about indyref2. For all the political posturing and calls to halt English democracy, there’s been little or no preparation here in Scotland for what they said might actually happen. Perhaps the politicians never thought it would come to...
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Advice on safe and enjoyable celebrations
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My thanks to Geoff Bush and his group. SNP MEMBERS FOR INDY GROUP who have been busy trying to organise an alternative PLAN B rather than relying on the Section 30 dead end. They have put a power of work in to compile an accurate list of Constituency Associations and Branches throughout the country soContinue reading "WANT TO CONTACT OTHER BRANCHES?"
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