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‘PHRASES make history here ” said Sir John Maffey, the UK’s wartime representative in Dublin when advising Churchill not to take on De Valera in public debate.
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AT A STROKE IT WAS GONE I remember when I first joined the SNP I was elected to National Council and attending my first council and being hugely impressed at how transparent and democratic it was. Here was a forum where delegates could question the most senior office bearers on any aspect of their responsibilities,Continue reading "THE EXECUTION OF NATIONAL COUNCIL"
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So British Unionist current affairs programme Scotland Tonight on STV held a panel of all unionists to start their campaign of Love Our Union. The programme panel was Stephen Kerr, former Tory MP, Pamela Nash, former Labour MP, and some press person (Katrine Bussey) representing other press people. This campaign is led by Conservative activists […]
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by Ken Ferguson, Editor, Scottish Socialist Voice · The battle to win reinstatement for Glasgow IKEA shop steward Richie Venton, and 100 per cent average wages for workers sick with Covid-19, is gathering phenomenal momentum on several fronts simultaneously. Thousands have signed the petition at the Reinstate Richie Venton website. Most of them with warm expressions of solidarity, outraged...
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DON’T BURY YOUR HEAD OR HIDE AWAY. Here are some facts Alex Salmond was falsely accused with multiple charges being made against him. Long before any trial the “charges” were maliciously leaked to a newspaper. This led to a media frenzy that championed the multi charges from so many different women as evidence there wasContinue reading "FACING THE TRUTH"
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