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+WingsScotland Well said Stu And props for use of poetry.☺
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Sometimes we can hardly stand it

Okay, we’ll make this quick. – Why do £73 and £4.50 both appear to actually be £4? Why would you illustrate two radically different sums of money – the difference being the whole point – by using identical sums of money? Are you morons? – That’s not even the top and bottom 20%. You’d need 20 coins […]
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+WingsScotland Excellent digging and presentation Stu as always. 
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+WingsScotland Lost count the number of times Ive used the word 'sickening' this week. The dead donor stoat has more dignity than its wearer.
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+WingsScotland I thought it was because he had given up his SSfS job and wasnt yet an MP he could slip thru this net. Did he not say he would have resigned over it IF he were still a Minister?
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+BellaCaledonia Excellent piece. I wonder if anyone will listen?
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