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We will mark the loss of our EU membership by a candlelit vigil for the EU, in Bowmore Square from 10.30pm on Friday 31st January.

All are welcome so please bring your friends and family, tea lights and candles in jam jars so they stay alight in the wind, and warm, waterproof clothing.
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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Blythe Burns Nicht

Fir tae tak tent o wir Naitional Bard, here's a wheen YSI memmers recitin Tae a Moose bi Burns himsel

📹 Hae a swatch!
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THOUSANDS of people from across the Highlands and Islands turned out in Inverness yesterday (sat) to march in support of independence for Scotland.
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This wee girl aptly illustrates that independence is not about anti English sentiment. It’s about self determination for everyone that lives in Scotland. Plenty flags of other nations on show yesterday.
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New Scotland Poll: Which parliament should ultimately decide on the holding of a future Scottish independence referendum?

•Holyrood: 61%
•Westminster: 39%

Poll by Survation for Progress Scotland 20-22 Jan 2020. Scotland Sample: 1019 participants.
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Young and old marched for independence yesterday. And as ever Police Scotland did an amazing job.
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