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+ScotGoesPop This is great 👏🏻
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Well, I must admit I didn't see this one coming.  I thought the question in tonight's polls would be whether we'd see an even split, a small No lead, or a larger No lead like the one we saw in the recent ComRes poll.  Instead Yes have stormed back into the lead in the Sunday Times' final Panelbase poll before the election.  Should Scotland be an independent country? (Panelbase...
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IN the debate that’s been raging about strategies for maximising pro-independence representation on the regional list vote, a frequently heard aside is “but of course, it’s a wee bit different in the south”. That’s because South Scotland was one of only two of the country’s eight electoral regions that returned SNP list MSPs in the last Scottish Parliament election.
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One of the most active anti-Alba propagandists on social media was telling people yesterday that they shouldn't even dream of voting for any party if it was below 6% in the opinion polls - the implication being that Alba would have no chance of winning any seats in that scenario.  But is that really true?  In a word, no.  Since the Scottish Parliament was established, there have...
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