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Pippa Plevin @flipper
Retired from IT, passionately Indy for Scotland, veggie foodie and learning golf. Despair at BREXIT & self serving politicians that enabled it.
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Pippa Plevin Liked
Workshops and conversations aiming to bring together campaigners and supporters from across the Lothians, to seek ways to form closer working relations with independence supporting parties and groups. Tickets limited so get yours soon, only £8.29
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The National Roadshow comes to Edinburgh the evening before the march with Wee Ginger Dug and Lesley Riddoch. Should be a great evening!
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Paul Kavanagh Lesley Riddoch
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Jeremy Corbyn managed to forget the name of one of Scotland's most famous architects and designers, Charles Rennie Mackintosh at a protest speech in Glasgow on the 31st of August 2019...calling him 'Willie Rennie Mackintosh'.
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P4Indy E&L monthly meeting with Heather Anderson speaking on history of food, farming and Citizens Agriculture Policy. With Q&A.
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