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"Ask John Curtice" was a Twitter meme a few years ago.  It was based on the BBC's endless attempts to get their money's worth out of Curtice's role as a studio pundit by asking him about topics that went quite a way beyond his true expertise as a psephologist.  People started to wonder only half-jokingly if Gordon Brewer might eventually invite Curtice to give relationship advice to...
What do you do when you get one of the most powerful women in Scottish local government in front of a microphone? Well you ask her all about the job, what she wants to achieve, and a few of your own hobby-horses too. Like buskers with amplifiers, who are too noisy for Derek Bateman's liking.Our podcast host raised all this and more with Susan Aitken, the ebullient leader of Glasgow City Council,...
Aallright. So some welt has just set up a Facebook page "YesBikers simply a profit company" half an hour ago and started posting on our page. So figured we'd better nip this pish in the bud right now.'YesBikers ltd' was set up by john mcharg and someone else during the previous administration. Its nonsense and has never had anything to do with us, the 'YesBikers for Scottish independence'. Anyone...
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