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@Murchie thanks

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@Murchie Brilliant Thanks, Will get rest of the team up and running too ASAP
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@Murchie We have a gofundme set up already. We have literally just started as we only got the offer of the premises last week. We have also mananged to get some furniture for the place from one of our local SNP Councillors.
As we move rapidly towards another Scottish independence referendum, the Yes Cardenden team has been given the use of empty premises in Cardenden to set up and use as a The Hub for the local area and wider Ward 8 area in Fife ( Lochgelly, Cardenden & Benarty). This hub will act as a central focus and meeting place for all the independence supporters in the area and will work closely with other hubs in Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes , Kelty and Inverkeithing to help build a winning message and get it out to every household throughout Fife.

Your donation will help us outfit & stock the hub allowing us to be start spreading the word and be ready for what we think will be a short sharp and highly successful YES2 campaign in the not to distant future.

Many thanks the Yes 2 Cardenden Team
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