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Coronavirus update
Review of the weeks news
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Joanna Cherry QC - Lord Chancellor’s oath and the rule of law - Internal Market Bill - 14.10.20
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Coronavirus update.
News review.
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Alyn Smith SNP MP - House of Commons - 13.10.20 - Fisheries bill remaining stages
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Are government advisors really infiltrators trying to undermine a yes vote?

64% of Scottish voters now expect there to be a yes vote in a referendum and 55% think there must be such a referendum.
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MP for Central Ayrshire.

Send questions for guest 07507 248856 or...


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I gave the wrong date on this post! Its the 28th September. My seven day work pattern sometimes cause me to lose track of dates! Sorry!

New Cummings scheme

Gove flies back to front.
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+Indycar erm... Qinetix?
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New motion to decide a plan B for independence.

Gove, Sunak and Raab in the top betting on next Tory leader and PM.

Clyde river to be central in post covid recovery.

Still too much fake news about covid and SNP sowing seeds of chaos.
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+Indycar Thanks for explicit infos Gordon. Good Luck and be well
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Kent is to become a separate state, after tories create (another) internal border, dividing the Great British Empire.

Sunak cancels devolved budgets by refusing to have a uk budget. Yet more proof of the imminent destruction of all devolved administrations in January (or maybe October!)

Sunak further cripples...
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Labour Connected - the new slogan for a labour conference. But Starmer avoided every relevant question regarding Scotland in his Andrew Marr train crash interview.

Tories now being talked into voting to break an international agreement as Boris tries a last desperate ruse to get out of Europe quickly.

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Tilda Swinton views on being Scottish.
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"Ah Vienna!" To paraphrase Midge Ure of 80s hit band Ultravox..

The Vienna Convention and Article 60, which deals with termination of a Union Treaty.

Nicola used the term; "A material change in circumstances, such as Scotland being dragged out of the EU without our consent", when she described the justification...
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Divide and rule, the British playbook being followed as usual.

Northern islands becoming independent? Councils receiving huge financial bribes from London. TV blackouts of life saving health information.

Just some of the many British attempts to divide and win, in a battle of governance public information.

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Ewan McGregor - Obi-Wan Kenobi comes out for indy
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Courtesy of Phantom Power
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+Indycar haha. we ken they're well sleekit.

A non-defensible border wi nae custom posts; an unnecessary trade agreement within the supposedly same country and now no border at all unless the EU puts it.

All in wee increments.
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The end of the eu withdrawal bill?

The possibility of a No deal Brexit may come far sooner than we thought.
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