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Notes from "Middle Scotland"

Who are Scotland's "squeezed middle", and what, precisely, are they supposed to be in the "middle" of? The right wing press have begun to do their collective dingers about Nicola Sturgeon's hints yesterday, that George Osborne's decision to hike the threshold for paying the higher rate of tax looks unlikely to apply in Scotland once the Scotland Bill powers are enacted. In the current...
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Every loser wins

So after all the kerfuffle and commotion and comedy, a deal was done, of sorts. The unsquareable circle wasn’t squared, but the day of facing up to it was punted down the line for five years, by which point everyone hopes it’ll be someone else’s problem. (Which is certainly the case for David Cameron.) Every newspaper in […]
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The Brexit Consequences for Ireland

Once more we in the Republic of Ireland are looking over the hedge at our neighbours in the United Kingdom. In 2014, it was the possibility that the UK could be shorn of Scotland. Now the question before all of the British people is whether or not that polity remains within the European Union. The […]
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The Eurasia Principle

The meme of the week among the Unionist media and politicians is once again that the SNP is a sinister Borg-like organisation where independent thought is outlawed. Bewilderingly, this evening Labour MSP Neil Findlay bitterly tweeted a complaint that all of the SNP’s elected members apparently agreed with his own position on bombing Syria, the vile […]
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