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Undoubtedly a Scot, not a Jock.
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Demo & candlight vigil for our democracy. #scotlandsrighttochoose
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From 06:27 am and 5 more times before 09.30, 3 times on Reporting Scotland, on the website and repeated throughout the rest of the morning on GMS, a few hundred thousand will hear something like: ‘Campaigners say child mental health services are cracking at the seams in Scotland and are calling for a major increaseContinue reading "Reporting Scotland will lie to you all day today about Child...
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I can now reveal the first results of the Panelbase poll commissioned by this blog, with the very generous help of readers via the crowdfunder. First up are the headline independence numbers, which show a clear Yes majority.Should Scotland be an independent country?  (Panelbase poll for Scot Goes Pop, 28th-31st January 2020):Yes 52% (+5)No 48% (-5)(Note: Before the exclusion of Don't Knows,...
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