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Molly Pollock came across this powerful video by the great-great-nephew of Robert Cunninghame Graham – author, politician, traveller, socialist, internationalist, humanitarian and Founding President of the SNP. Jamie Jauncey takes us beyond divisions to quietly share what being Another Country really means. By Molly Pollock Jamie Jauncey is not perhaps the typical independence supporter, but...
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The Scottish Government has published its referendums bill, and as Andrew Tickell points out in The National, it makes for some very interesting reading. I’ve always been wary of an independence referendum without a Section 30 order because of the risk that it would be boycotted by the anti-independence parties. This is despite the fact […]
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+LiveIndyScot Too much background noise.
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"It needs to be a big, big change"   Excellent thoughts here from Lesley Riddoch caught before going on to her talk in the Burgh Hall.  The post Interview with Lesley Riddoch appeared first on Yes Cowal.
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What’s going on in Catalonia today: This site can’t claim to know enough about Spanish and Catalan politics to have an opinion about whether independence for Catalonia is a good idea or not. All we can say is that democracy is a good idea, and the draconian and extreme attempts of the Spanish government to suppress the […]
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