Just been listening to this from over on Scottish Independence Podcasts on Soundcloud. Yes KLV brought together  a panel to discuss pensions in an independent Scotland. Some good questions from the audience: 
- If a Scottish currency appreciated/depreciated against sterling, would that affect the value of private pensions? how would discrepancies of that be dealt with?

- Unionists are likely to claim that doubling Scottish pension would not be affordable. How would it be paid for?

- WASPI women have missed out on a lot of pension. Should pension age be reduced for women in an iScotland.

- Unionist point to SP being paid from NI contributions. How is best way to reply to that.

- How will Brexit impact on Scotland if at all?

- Do we have any examples of how other recently Independent counties have handled pensions?

- Would UK have to transfer money to Scotland to cover contribution already paid? Would UK Dept of Pensions continue to pay after indy?

- what different policies should an indy SCot have as opposed to what we have in WM pension policy now?
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@WeegieFifer It's quite incredible that even this long after the first referendum that these most basic of questions still haven't been answered.

The positive, though, is that all of these questions CAN be answered!
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