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Happy Birthday to The Hub! 6 years old today!

Just been listening to this from over on Scottish Independence Podcasts on Soundcloud. Yes KLV brought together  a panel to discuss pensions in an independent Scotland. Some good questions from the audience: 
- If a Scottish currency appreciated/depreciated against sterling, would that affect the value of private pensions? how would discrepancies of that be dealt with?

- Unionists are likely to claim that doubling Scottish pension would not be affordable. How would it be paid for?

- WASPI women have missed out on a lot of pension. Should pension age be reduced for women in an iScotland.

- Unionist point to SP being paid from NI contributions. How is best way to reply to that.

- How will Brexit impact on Scotland if at all?

- Do we have any examples of how other recently Independent counties have handled pensions?

- Would UK have to transfer money to Scotland to cover contribution already paid? Would UK Dept of Pensions continue to pay after indy?

- what different policies should an indy SCot have as opposed to what we have in WM pension policy now?
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A GROUP of independence supporters have hoisted one of Scotland’s largest flags onto a historic monument in an effort to celebrate the country and mark the further easing of lockdown restrictions.
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Hi there M… You sent me a couple of suggestions not long ago about the pursuit of Scottish independence and how it might be improved. Improved that is from your point of view as an Englishwoman who doesn’t support Scottish independence. So I thought it was worthwhile thinking through what you suggested. Your suggestion: A […]The post Scottish Referendum Voting Rights appeared...
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Indy March, Glasgow, 5 May 2018. An estimated 35,000 to 60,000 people walked from Kelvingrove to Glasgow Green with some still setting off as the first arrived at the Green.
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Govan Graving Docks in the heart of Glasgow were where ships came for repairs and refits. They were built in 1870s and then extended in 1890s and were in use till 1990s. Since 2006 they have been owned by property developers for their investment potential.

Currently those developers have a planning submission before...
Replying to 
@Murchie Be cheaper for us have a link up with NI/Eire
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There are now four videos in the “Nation” series where Lesley Riddoch contrasts and compares Scotland with our northern neighbours. They are of course all small(-ish) Independent nations. Sadly, we though small(-ish) are not Independent. We are highly educated, with a diverse and highly developed economy, so we should compare well with these neighbours, eh? […]The post Lesley...
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Isobel Lindsay ….. is a well-known peace activist. She was a founding member of the cross-party Campaign for a Scottish Assembly in the early ’80s paving the way for the Constitutional Convention and, ultimately, the Scottish Parliament itself. These days she is a member of the Scottish Independence Convention and has written a paper on […]The post Security & Defence in an...
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UK: ".. Or you could have devo max"
SCO: "Well, it's certainly tempting. Oh, go on then!"
UK: "that's not how it works. Ask for it in a referendum"
SCO: "But you said we couldn't have a referendum? Why can't you just give us Devo Max now?"
UK: "😉"
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Stephen Gethins, formerly SNP MP for Northeast Fife, has been talking to a wide range of people, both for and against Scottish independence, about Scotland’s place in the world. The outcome of those conversations is his book “Nation to Nation” available now from Luath Press. More recently Stephen has been talking to Yes Groups all […]The post Nation to Nation with Stephen...
There's now a really good on-demand set-up for the IndyLive Radio archives! Have a look here :
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The post Scottish Independence Podcasts appeared first on IndyLive Radio.
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KT Tunstall and Alan Cumming have recorded a version of Dougie MacLean’s ‘Caledonia’ which is to be released on Burns...The post KT Tunstall and Alan Cumming Release Single for VfS appeared first on Voices for Scotland.
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Hosts Michael and Matthew on good form again this week, with coverage of football, athletics, rugby and olympic news and all the weekend's sporting action
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An informative piece in the Herald and missing only two things. A headline that clarifies just what is going on here, done above, and some indication of the scale of Scotland’s resilience in transferring huge amounts of power to England would help. From David Bol today: A LEADING energy company has warned that Scotland will not be … Continue reading Feeding England’s...
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ON all four occasions that I’ve crowdfunded an opinion poll on…
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Please listen to and share the new single from Scottish independence supporting band The Bletherin. Available now from all major online music sites.

‘White Rose’ is a song of hope for everyone living in Scotland.
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For this week's Yes Group Spotlight we return to Grassroots Oban for an electric panel discussion on list votes and the D'Honte system with a unique perspective from pollster John Curtice, SNP Deputy leader Keith Brown, Scottish Green party co-leader Lorna Slater and Alliance party interim leader David Thompson. An...
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