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Monthly National Zoom meeting to discuss ongoing campaigns. This month we talk about Electricity, Heating and Transport.
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Scotland becomes first UK nation to ban problematic plastics.
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Copied from a fellow Yesser in Inverness — speaking of the 2014 campaign Neil Davidson describes the outcome:

I found it took a while to recover too....I then went to Glasgow for the first proper post Indy Ref rally in George Square / Freedom Square in October 2014 ....made instant new Indy friends whom were also travelling down from InverYess. ...and the whole Square was filled with Indy folk...
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Campaigners say that policies to get people to cycle more are not working for women, after new data was released by an active travel charity.
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In this show Marcus will talking to Laura Mersini-Houghton about how she escaped Albania – the North Korea of Europe – to become a professor of physics in the US, and her extraordinary theory of how our new-born universe was entangled with neighbouring universes in the Multiverse, leaving an indelible imprint on...
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