I've read AC Grayling for some years on all sorts of topics unrelated to independence. I was disappointed that he spoke against us on 2014 and delighted to find this.

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@Trish More and more people are having to face up to the fact a choice is being forced on them. Either the UK under Tory rule, or Europe. I expect we'll see a few others begin to make the journey to Yes soon
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@Murchie Agreed Dave. But I was speaking with a rabid no voter of 2014 just pass Sunday and so little does the democratic deficit across 3 components of the UK matter to him, he is still against independence. We should just rit our teeth and wait for Johnson et Al to disappear into the mists of time when a new socialist utopia will re emerge.
But he also feels quite comfortable that he personally will not be too adversely affected... That is probably where his real learning curve needs to lie
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