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+Indyref2 Does the Scottish Govt have powers to set up a home based broadcaster? When you think how regionalised STV is , even to the point where STV 2 has an East and West version, surely a Scottish News Programme would be acceptable.
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@Smuggfifer I think the complication of devolving "broadcasting" is due to a lot of factors - things such as the spectrum used (if it's devolved, we could alter it), the future sale of the spectrum, control over things such as advertising, our own version of Ofcom... etc. etc. 

I don't think there is anything stopping a private firm starting a channel and pumping out pro-indy news (provided it got approval), but it wouldn't answer to Holyrood which the BBC *kind of* does with Westminster. I think it's that power we really need. A channel that we don't control per se but that if it starts throwing out propaganda we could challenge it at HR.

It sounds simple, but I guess for all the reasons I listed in my first paragraph, it's a reason (one of many I'm sure) why it's difficult to devolve, even partially. Nothing is impossible, of course. But there is so much paperwork and regulations in the way of setting up a Scottish "BBC" that by the time we got through it all, we'd be independent, so it wouldn't matter!

There are also EU restrictions with broadcasting, which Westminster has had to abide by. This of course, changes with Brexit. Not sure exactly what differences it would make, or if it would make it easier for things to be devolved.

basically we just have to cross our fingers that TV shown in Scotland reflects our culture, our politics, our views. And not those of another country.
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