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I agree that the movement needs to re-focus itself from petty political point scoring and nipping at anonymous accounts on Twitter, however I disagree with a point it makes about how progressive policies will win people over. 

Have we learned NOTHING from 2014? "It's all about the +theSNP" was a big factor in persuading people to switch-off from the debate if they voted Tory/Labour. The White Paper was an SNP manifesto for an independent Scotland.

We can NOT go down that road again. If we want to remove the tribal element from #scotref we need to remove policies. Don't align independence with one set of ideals because you switch off a lot of other voters. Don't shout how left-wing and progressive Scotland could be with independence. Not everyone politically leans that way.

I'll repeat this and repeat this until people understand - the way to win independence is to explain the very definition of what independence is. It's not left wing or right wing. It's not socialist or capitalist. It simply gives us a CHOICE of what country we want to be. Absolutely nothing more.
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Over 1000 livestreams since November 13, 70 since June 17Some of the big events coming up: Pensioners for Yes conferenceSNP conference coverageScottish Independence Convention Housekeeping ScotlandWho we are.Independence Live is a grassroots collective. We have a main group in Glasgow and Edinburgh with individuals across Scotland, Europe and the USA who contribute.We started around November...
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@Murchie It might be possible to bring up the thehub at the meeting 
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@Murchie On Facebook look for Yes2 Edinburgh and Lothians - it is a closed group though but you could apply to join.  I am not an admin for it though.
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@SheenaJ 12 groups I mean
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@Murchie Hi there it is Yes Pentlands who are organising it, I am on the committee.  We have had several meetings of all the yes Edinburgh and Lothians groups.  There should be about 12 there.  Are you in the area?
There will be a Yes Edinburgh & Lothians Meeting next week at the YES Hub Edinburgh.  2/3 from each group in the area welcome.
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