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Those earning £10 000 or less will still pay 0 tax. Those on £14 732, will still pay only £411 per year in tax. Those on £15 000 will pay, £2 more. Those on £20 000 will pay £52 per year and those on £25 000 will pay £118 more. Those on £1 million per year will pay £54 000 more than they would in England. But, all of us will live in better place where child poverty and rough sleeping is...
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Surely the obvious conclusion from Richard Walker’s analysis is that the Section 30 route is dead. Even setting aside objections on the grounds that requesting a Section 30 order compromises the sovereignty of the Scottish people and quite apart from the fact that the Section 30 process gifts the British political elite legitimised power to … Continue reading To be a nation again!
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FORMER Tory leader William Hague urged Tony Blair to delay the referendum on Scottish devolution following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, according to newly released official papers.
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THE co-founder of Farmers for Yes has hit out following damaging revelations in newly unlocked government files.
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Planning for indyref2 was mentioned in the brief for one of the Scottish Government's departments
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