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An audio recording of Wee Ginger Dug's blog post on 31/05/17, titled 'The Monkey and The Organ Grinder' -Content & image copyright Paul Kavanagh (Wee Ginger Dug), read by Sarah Mackie. FREE to download!You can find weegingerdug's blog here - Wee Ginger Dug's twitter: @weegingerdugIf...
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Independence means you’ll be poor, says Radio 4 Today presenter John Humphrys. We’ll stop writing you cheques, says The Telegraph… Two bizarre establishment responses to Scotland’s constitutional debate from recent days. Where does this assumption of a poverty stricken independent Scotland come from? Podcast host Derek Bateman took up the issue with economist Dr Craig...
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Cast: theSNP
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Leading up to the annual STUC St Andrews Day march against racism Helen Martin of the STUC and other speakers (tbc) will speak on the need to confront the rise in racism in society, to welcome refugees, and oppose anti-semitism and Islamophobia.
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I’ve had a fun day on Twitter, blocking and muting Unionists. Over the past day or so I’ve discovered that I’m a demagogue, a blood and soil nationalist, and a fascist, all because I’ve had the temerity to produce some detailed Gaelic maps. I’ve been called jingoistic, by a Scots Tory with a Union fleg […]
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