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There was quite a lot of hostile reaction to comments I made on this blog yesterday, albeit all from the usual pattern of new commentators Read the full article...
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From today’s lurid Scottish Daily Mail cover splash about a “£1 BILLION TAX BLACK HOLE” appearing in the Scottish budget “despite [imaginary] Nationalist tax hikes”: But hang on a minute. How exactly would the supposed “failure of the education system” (never mind the nebulous guff in the rest of the sentence) cause a sudden and unexpected shortfall in...
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I’ve just been out to vote in the European elections, because as a rule I think people should vote in stuff. And while it was a difficult choice, in the end I voted for the only sane option. I truly believe it’s the best choice for Britain. Because readers, look at the options I had. […]
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This commentary comes from Sean Danaher on Progressive Pulse (with very slight changes to make it free-standing) and I thought well worth sharing given how little Read the full article...
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It is hard not to feel resigned to our fate today. Like millions of others I am bored to my back teeth and beyond by Read the full article...
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