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+theSNP The new UKIP party that's what I heard fueling the UK with their policies disgusting
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@Murchie are willing to help?
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@Murchie if it works or not is not the issue We need to see action not words.  An action group  focusing on far right views discrimination racism has a lot of weight.  The question to no voters from 2014 is obvious are you happy to be part of the UK given the fact that the tories discriminate against migrants, I migrants and non English NHS staff. You and I know this a really strong argument 
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@Murchie  not as a number one focus
I have been reporting for months that many in England consider it normal to believe in far right policies. We now have the born again UKIP conservatives in power and the policies unveiled in Birmingham proving that they are taking UKIP political positioning and their policies.

We in Scotland need to stand up against the movement in England and so called tory /UKIP policies that discriminate against migrants east Europeans and all nationalities that are not english. I am looking for the YES 2 movement to help me set up an action group to fight for independence on the agenda  of discrimination and racism in England and by the tories.  Can you help?
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+Indyref2 Well written and thought provoking 
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+ScotTories Very sad from a sad tory party
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+ScotTories You have no mandate in Scotland and you are puppet to westminster
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+LiveIndyScot Yeah ok it right to talk but we need action along with talk. Robert to cautious for my liking. Organise rallies set up debates, if you want it push to persuade!
YES ALWAYS - At odds with the RUK! Time for an Independent Scotland!Was working in Doncaster today and I met a man giving me advice on how "WE as in England should have handled the Syrian crises. " if we had sent the gun boats in early and machined gunned these people then we would not have any crises "  - you might think this view is of a UKIP or BNP voter but it was a conservative voter - indeed time to leave!
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@Murchie  agree 100% 
"YES ALWAYS"  I was recently asked why I want an independent Scotland and I replied " We have grown up and our views, sentiment and culture are at odds with the RUK so it's time to leave ".   
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