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Please see text of our press release on the first of what we hope we hope will be a series public meetings in our area. If you send me an email address which will accept attachments, I will send you the full PDF. Members of your group are welcome to attend. 

Yes Berwickshire Public Meetings – “Our Democracy, Our Nation, Our Future” – Final version for immediate release 

Background: 1. The first of a series of open public discussion meetings is to be held at Duns Parish Church Hall on Thursday 28th February, 7:30-9:30, focused on the future of Scotland and our democracy. 2. Hosted by the local community group Yes Berwickshire, the meeting is designed as an open forum for people to discuss their hopes, concerns and ideas about Scotland's future in these challenging times with good humour over tea, coffee and snacks. 3. Yes Berwickshire, formed after a similar meeting in 2012, is a friendly community group which believes that Berwickshire's best interests would be served by being part of an independent Scotland. 4. Free refreshments will include snacks included in Yes Berwickshire's recently published cookbook “Stir it Up” available on the night or from    

Notes for Editors: 1. Yes Berwickshire is a non-party political organisation which campaigns for Scottish Independence. 2. For further information please contact either Irene McEwan, Chair of Yes Berwickshire, at [email protected], or Pete Rowberry, Communications Coordinator for Yes Berwickshire at [email protected], or +44 (0) 7979975620.    
My wife and I are an expat English recently moved to the Borders. We were fed up with English voters returning cowardly, lying, unfair and illiberal governments to Westminster and will be campaigning for an independent Scotland
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