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Anne Smith @Nannieoscout
Female. Retired. Indy supporter. Animal lover. 
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THE First Minister will update the public this afternoon as Scotland could see a tightening of coronavirus lockdown restrictions.
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NICOLA Sturgeon is the only one of the four main UK party leaders to have a positive approval rating in Scotland, a new opinion poll has shown.
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THE BBC was “misled” by the Tory Government over new funding promised to Scotland, the Economy Secretary told Good Morning Scotland today.
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We know that the 5th of January is very early to be giving out annual awards, but this is going to be pretty much impossible to beat, so God bless the P&J for giving us all a chuckle in these dark times. Let’s just quickly check on that “expert”. Hugh Pennington is a retired bacteriologist. […]
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The UK government's claim that Scotland is receiving £375 million of "additional" business support is false.
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