A very brief summary of tonight's ‪#ScotlandBill‬ debate.
- Labour voted AGAINST devolving tax credits; helping it fail.
- Labour voted AGAINST devolving abortion, the only part of the healthcare system that Scotland does not control. (It did,however, pass in spite of them)
- The ability to enforce equal pay and conditions across genders will NOT be devolved.
- Scotland will NOT get the ability to call for another independence referendum without the grace and permission of Westminster. That permission may be withheld no matter how loudly the people of Scotland demand it.
- The Sewel Convention has NOT been made statutory meaning that Westminster reserves the right to overrule Holyrood and legislate on devolved issues without permission, recourse or appeal.
- Crown Estate Hereditary Revenues will not be devolved; this is a direct contravention of the Smith Commission meaning that no matter what any Unionist claims, those recommendations will NOT be delivered in full.
- Westminster REFUSED to rule out classing SG welfare "top-ups" as income, thus making them taxable.
- But we will control our own road signs.
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