Just finished reading an article by Michael Fry in today's National (11/08/2016) where he points out correctly in my view that not all potential Yes voters belong to the left and may have been put off by the "Red Clydesider" argument. We must be inclusive and welcoming to all if we are to turn the 45% into 51% plus. Scotland in the future needs to be a country where entrepreneurs will want to come and invest and made to feel welcome.
I consider myself to be a socialist but I am also not so daft as to cut of my nose to spite my face. We will need jobs to make the country work, to give families a prosperous future and help create a caring society to be proud of.
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@billkgolden I think in order to do that though, we need groups set up for that. It would be wrong for SNP - for example - to try and entice those on the right by telling them what right wing policies Scotland could implement if independent. 
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