The Scottish Government has published a new paper setting out why Scotland can, should and must have a role in future UK trade talks. Here's what you need to know.  
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+theSNP The UK is systemically incapable of representing Scotland's interests. The Union ensures that Scotland's interests must always be subordinate to those of the British state. So long as Scotland remains in the UK, Scotland will be sacrificed for the benefit of the British state and the clients of the British political elite.

Having a 'role' in UK trade talks is not enough. Scotland's rightful 'role' is as an independent nation freely negotiating its economic and diplomatic and cultural relationships with other independent nations.

In order to adopt our rightful role, we must #DissolveTheUnion. And, as the Union is increasing detrimental to Scotland's interests, we must do so as a matter of great urgency.
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@peterabell The SNP need to stop sending out what I consider mixed signals.

We get the regular "this is why we should be independent" tweets from MPs and MSPs, we get Keith Brown saying "this is great" about the National Assembly without any clear road map of what it is for apart from SNP members to yet again announce independence is what they want.

Then we get the SNP doing as you say, Peter. They beg for a seat at trade talks, to be involved in big decisions within the UK. Why? Why do we continue this attitude of subordination.

I'm not sure the SNP's tactic of showing how little power we have or how little Westminster Co aiders us important as really having a big impact on numbers for another indyref. I'm sure quite a lot of No voters are more than happy for Scotland to be sidelined and the "big boys" being in charge.
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