A very strange thing is happening between pro-indy people. Those that support RISE and Green are demanding that SNP voters should be critical of their own party, then insist that we should blindly give them our "second" vote based on the fact that they are also an independence supporting party.

Firstly, don't treat SNP voters as idiots. The SNP have proven to be a competent Government. On that basis alone people will want to give both votes to the SNP.

Second, does it not make more sense to give both votes to the SNP - the only party that will be able to form a majority - if your main issue is the goal of independence? Why should we vote RISE when splitting our votes away from the SNP could result in Labour/Tory also gaining seats?

Third, ever considered that people just might not LIKE your manifesto?? Is that too hard to comprehend? Not every SNP voter is radically left wing. Not every SNP voter will consider themselves a "socialist". 

Campaign on your manifesto. If people like it, they'll vote for you. If not, they'll vote for someone else. We laughed at the Unionists and their tactical voting "wheel" last year, yet here you are attempting your own version of it. 
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