I like Alba. I genuinely do. I like their clear message that there needs to be urgency surrounding holding another independence referendum.

But their members on Twitter are just far too angry at other folk (especially existing SNP members). It puts people like myself off becoming a member. 
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@Murchie It feels like the members of Alba's plan to secure a referendum is just to shout at people on Twitter. Then block everyone they disagree with.
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@Murchie I am an Alba member, I don't engage with those kind of shouting matches. I also don't tend to block anyone as I do like to see views from others regardless of what stance they take. It really saddened me to leave the SNP and I have had my fair share of name calling as a result. There are a number of reasons why I left which I won't go into here. I do see the negativity coming out on social media between the party members on both sides which is even sadder when we share the same end goal. I don't harbour any hate for anyone I just want to get Indy done (or at least make progress towards it) before it's too late.
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