The problem emerging with Corbyn is that if his party is not prepared to vote along with him, then no matter what his policies are he is still only one vote at Westminster. 

He may side with the SNP when it comes to Trident, but Labour has made it clear at conference that he is on his own on that one. 

The party seems to think that the only way to beat the Tories is to become more right wing. This shouldn't about power for the sake of it, this should be about principles, standing up for what you believe in, and hoping that the voters agree with you and vote you in. 

The only solution for Corbyn is to wipe out dissenters, stamp his authority, and tell those that aren't prepared to stand alongside him that they are welcome to make the short walk across the Commons to sit with the party that they seem to have more in common with.

If he doesn't, he'll end up being a leader of a party that refuses to listen to him.
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