Disgusted at the continued attacks on the SNP regarding the welfare system. While the Tories rip it to pieces and Labour continue to agree with it or at best abstain on having any sort of backbone, the SNP continue to show just how harmful the policies are going to be for families in the country. 

Yet the Tories and Labour (specifically Ian Murray) tell the SNP to shut up and use new powers that Holyrood will have in order to fix things.

By doing what? Tax rises will not sort the problem, tax cuts won't solve the problem, and the SG is facing huge cuts of it's own, running into billions. 

Our country is being strangled, the poor are getting poorer, subsidies are being removed from the renewable sector, undoubtedly costing jobs amongst other things, yet Westminster stands back smugly, using this as some sort of manoeuvre to try and put the SNP into a situation where it can no longer operate properly.

This is not the function of a United Kingdom - a Union. This is an attempt to undermine and destroy the SNP. 

It's a shame for them that we can see through their spin, their tricks, their lies. We're not going away. And so long as the SNP continue to stand up for Scotland, and for Scottish families, neither will they.
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