CommonSpace columnist and Common Weal director Robin McAlpine says the global, liberal elite is on the wrong side of historyDO YOU remember when the neoliberals were announcing the 'end of history'? They had discovered the perfect, unchangeable economic and social order. So perfect was it that there were no chances of failure and no serious reason for any further debate.It seems so...
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+CommonSpace Robin's articulating what a lot of us are currently feeling. Some voted remain not because everything is perfect with the EU, but because we believe we should stay in it and force improvements - the alternative of coming out would be disastrous.

However, more and more are seeing that the EU is no longer about inclusion, it's core is no longer about Free Movement of People but about protecting its interests. It doesn't like change, it turns a blind eye to oppression, as Robin says it'll starve citizens of Greece in order to get it's money back. This is not the kind of EU Scots want to be a part of.

There is definitely a whiff of Empire flowing around the EU Parliament and it stinks.
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