Clip of Lesley Riddoch's interview with Ian Blackford recorded at the 14th November 2020 AUOB Assembly.

Watch the full interview here
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+AllUnder1Banner Well that was disappointing... how Ian became leader I will never know...its bad enough watching politicians ducking and diving to avoid giving a straight answer to the MSM but to act like this in an interview with a friendly audience and interviewer who all want the same thing? Feel like we're being taken for a ride and he didn't convince me he wants the same as us.
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@Jimshu I think Ian sometimes forgets who he is talking to and just runs on automatic half the time.

Problem is that he's just guessing at timing of referendum too. Sounds to me that he has no idea, that he isn't involved in that decision.

I don't think his voice has the gravitas required when having a go at Boris during PMQ. Needs someone who sounds more authoratitive.
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@Murchie Absolutely...I thought Angus was better at presenting himself at WM however, he appears to have lost his shine following the JC sneeky jiggery pokery to stop her coming to HR. I think Ian comes across as a whinger and doesn't help combat the whinging scots stuff. He is very repetitive to the point of angering me. Scot will take more he cries but never draws a line in the sand which I think Lesley was trying to get from him during that interview. He has convinced me that there is no plan. Which would suggest they are in no hurry to leave that place.
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@Jimshu I think they fully expect Boris to say no to S30 and have no other plan up their sleeves. They're too scared of frightening voters and losing power tbh.
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