Only a convincing Labour party stands between Scotland and independence | Owen Jones | Comment is free | The Guardian

“Last year’s independence vote was not the constitutional full stop that many pundits claimed. Scotland is still rushing for the exits”

This is a good point. Labour is the the only real tie that has kept Scotland tied with the Union. A hope that Tory rule would be ended. David Cameron aluded to it with his "give the effing Tories a kick" speech, telling us that hating the Tories is not a reason in itself to leave the Union, we could vote them out.

We did that. We did more than that. We kicked out everyone. Yet it hasn't solved anything. Things are worse, and will get worse. If Labour remain unelectable (and the weight of the MSN in England is already firing on all cyclinders to make that happen) then what's left? Where else can we turn to in the Union to give us the type of policies that we want promoted in our country?

For most of us, we've turned to the Scottish Parliament, and to the SNP, to help lessen the horrible austerity that is strangling the poorest. They've done their best, but with less money to go around, there is only so much the SNP can do before the dam bursts.
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