On GMS today the presenter attacked SNP for not agreeing to cuts to the school week. COSLA representative says there is no link to school hours and attainment. Norway, she says, has a shorter school week but better grades. "cut Golden Time" says BBC presenter. 

As someone with children in school I'd say it would be a horrible decision to cut school hours. It's incredible to watch how fast children learn during the week, but we also get a LOT of homework. There would be even more if the week was cut. With 3 kids, this would remove kids being able to play after school, instead locked indoors to do more work. 

Golden Time is a proven method of improving behaviour and increasing results. It rewards good behaviour and the completion of tasks. At the end of the week, if you've been good you get to spend time playing with your favourite toys. What a daft suggestion to say we should remove that because it's not really needed. 
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