A question I don't think Kezia has fully thought about is her reasoning for federalism.

It seems more based on an anti-SNP/anti-independence rationalisation.

Her speech today talked about the old arguments of 2014. Lanarkshire to London, Glasgow to Glamorgan, let's not divide our country any further. This is one nation, one UK. We all want the same thing. 

So why demand further devolution of power to Scotland? Why demand the opportunity to divert away from Tory policy down south that puts Scotland at an advantage to London and Glamorgan? How exactly is that standing with your fellow countrymen?

She can't keep her head in the sand any more. She can't argue AGAINST Hard Brexit and saying there is another option, when Theresa May herself has come out and said that within the UK, there is NO other option. It's one nation, one UK.

Federalism means more power transferred to Scotland. It brings Scotland closer to independence. If all that is reserved is defence and foreign policy (for example), then what exactly is stopping us from just going a little further?

Does Kezia REALLY think a Tory defence policy would protect Scotland better than Scotland being independent and staying out of illegal wars?

Does Kezia REALLY think that the anti-immigration policy of England is what the people of Scotland want too?

It's time she realised that the 2014 arguments have died. A Hard Brexit is coming with no single market deal for Scotland. Federalism won't prevent that just like it won't prevent further lunacy on the whims of a right-wing Government that does what it chooses and to hell with what it means for Scotland. 
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