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@YesMarcus I think in the first #indyref, Labour for Indy should have had a lot more prominence. I think this time around, with Labour very weak, I'm not sure how big an impact it would have to swing voters (most of which have split to SNP/Tories).

I do think Labour themselves should endorse independence. It's really the only sensible route for the "Party of Devolution" to go down.
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@Murchie Ir would indeed be interesting, as the conservatives now the second biggest party in Scotland, we would really need to appeal to them, and I am unsure how we could engage conservative voters with independence.
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@YesMarcus I think the best way would be to say that any white paper we put forward is for our vision of an independent Scotland. But there is room for a right wing/Conservative vision too. Scottish Tories aren't as right wing as UK. An appeal of independence for them could be finally breaking away from stigma of Westminster and Thatcher, and being able to shape Scotland in the way they want.
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