Am I the only person to think that Nicola Sturgeon leading the yes movement in indy ref 2 will just be a repeat of the first indy ref. BBC News Headlines: "Alex Salmond and the SNP...." We need to make this movement more inclusive, Nicola will no doubt play a pivotal role in indy ref 2, however making a campaign with a party political independent leader to spearhead the drive will mean the SNP mantra cannot be pursued by the media, and hence other parties members may be more inclined to vote yes.
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@YesMarcus I don't think Sturgeon is as polarising as Salmon was. I think she's certainly done an incredible job since Brexit as well, and that has won her some new admirers. 
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@Murchie Maybe so, but Patrick Harvie should have a greater input, and labour for independence as well. We need to dismiss the idea of a yes vote as an endorsement of the SNP, although the independence movement does owe a huge amount of gratitude to the SNP.
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@YesMarcus I think in the first #indyref, Labour for Indy should have had a lot more prominence. I think this time around, with Labour very weak, I'm not sure how big an impact it would have to swing voters (most of which have split to SNP/Tories).

I do think Labour themselves should endorse independence. It's really the only sensible route for the "Party of Devolution" to go down.
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