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@Bruski87 Yeah, Labour have found themselves automatically pushed into third place because the constitution is still what is defining politics here. The "Party of Devolution" doesn't like to talk about it.

The platform has been in development for 2 years. On the top left, there's a profile box with a small cog-like icon on it. Tap that to change profile pic etc. 

If you're on your phone or using the Android app, swipe from left to right to show the navigation drawer. There's a "settings" option there.
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@Murchie Nice one, it looks good. Still figuring stuff out but will definitely let folk know. Are unionists on it as well or is it all indy folk?
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@Bruski87 There's a Getting Started guide that might help: and a quick tour:

Anyone can join, but no Unionists have registered as yet. There are a few Unionist groups that I've added, just so it's easy to keep tabs on what is being said.
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