I think this reaction really sums up the Unionist attitude to an independent Scotland.

When actual academics - experts in their field - produce a paper that explains just how Scotland could improve it's finances, it is scoffed.

The paper doesn't make any sort of claims of milk and honey. It's an honest assessment of where budgets could be cut in the type of Scotland that we'd live in post-UK. We'd still run a deficit, but one on a par with what the UK runs. Which - as we know - clearly isn't as disastrous as the "black hole" and "armageddon" that a Scotland within the UK runs at.

But hey. A "nationalist" said it, so without going over the figures, it's just dismissed as nonsense, as if the only people who have any sort of idea on how to run a country are the ones that wave a British flag.

This is closed mindedness at it's worse. The research paper is dismissed instantly, because in some peoples eyes it's IMPOSSIBLE for anyone in our OWN COUNTRY to run it's OWN finances efficiently. 

This remark from Rowling is from someone who will not be swayed to vote Yes. It's the remark of someone who will keep blind faith in a Union that is FORCING Scotland to run at a deficit, that is seeing higher food bank usage, falling wages, uncertainty of a post-EU world.

When people like her demand answers, demand the Scottish Goverment to "show their working", to go into detail about a future economy, then dismiss the findings, show's her to be what she is. No matter what she said after the Brexit vote, she's a Unionist through and through.
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