November 9th 2015 is the date that Westminster confirmed that it isn't interested in listening to Scotland. 

With the #ScotlandBill now being passed to the Lords, the 55 SNP MPs have tried their best to protect Scottish families from the Tories.

Be in no doubt that when Scotland returns a similar number down at the next General Election, there will be no further bills specific to Scotland and further powers. Add that to #EVEL and you realise that Westminster has attempted to mute Scotland's voice. Our SNP MPs will be sent down there with a mandate from the people that the UK parliament will ignore.

The Unionist parties may see this as a way to tell Scots that a vote for SNP is now wasted, but in doing so they'll have once again failed to understand the mood in Scotland. The referendum result wasn't "decisive". It was a warning. 

Sending the SNP down to Westminster was a message that if we aren't getting independence, we want more powers. We want the powers promised when the tide began to turn in favour of a Yes vote.

Scotland is watching. The 45% are aware of what is going on. And we aren't staying silent on the matter.
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