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+SNPPortobello Done!!!!
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✉️ | Voters across Edinburgh Eastern who have requested to do so will be receiving their postal ballots this week.

It has been the honour of my life to represent you these past five years in our nation's Parliament.

If re-elected I pledge to continue to be a champion for our communities and to ensure that Scotland's future is Scotland's choice.

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@MthMttCoe Focused on all foreign nationals residing here, no matter where they are from. Not a campaigning event, just information..
The main goal of this event is to give residents in Scotland who were born elsewhere, the information they need to be able to vote with confidence in the upcoming Scottish Parliament election in May.
Event Details
Alyn Smith MP, former MEP and lawyer. Chaired by Cllr Kate Campbell – Edinburgh City Council Councillor
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UK Government ministers should be charged with "conspiracy to murder" due to the failure in obtaining enough personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare staff in the coronavirus crisis, author Philip Pullman has suggested.
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Here's a thread from Twitter that destroys the myth that the UK government are somehow just "following the science" with their insane plan to deliberately allow 60%+ of the public to be infected with a virus that has a reported mortality rate of 1-2%. It's written by Anthony Costello, a British former director of the World Health Organization, and it makes plain what has already become...
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Please help us fund the Yes grassroots campaigns by making a donation to the Foundation.
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A BRITISH-Iranian woman who has been in an Iranian jail since 2016 may be granted a temporary release following an outbreak of coronavirus in the prison where she is being held, according to her local constituency MP.
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