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A team of independently minded non partisan think tank of progressive thinkers who have come together to bring experts, academics, business men and women to help progress debate on Scotland's constitutional future. We publish well researched policy papers verified by experts and linked to sources of...
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Indy Car Gordon Ross - 12.10.21.

The only Scottish rocket launch firm in the British isles, has signed an historic contract with the Unst based launch facility on Shetland.

Scottish rocket firm, Skyrora, whose headquarters are in Edinburgh, will launch satellites into polar orbits, winning the UK "space race",...
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Indy Car Gordon Ross - 12.10.21. pt2.

Ian Blackford says to Independence marchers, that there will be a second referendum in 2023.

He also was heard to say the SNP was to become more involved in the grassroots independence movement.

Thanks to Peter Bell on his blog for telling us that little snippet of...
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+Indycar The  only reason I can think of a 2023 delay would be to get infrastructure and policies in place, ie Central Bank etc, which might take a bit of time? Hopefully there is very good reasons, If not then pull it forward to 2022 !!
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Let’s hope those preparations for imports and exports are in place once the Indy switch has been flicked!!
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