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FORTY Tory MPs have agreed to sign a letter of no confidence in Theresa May after EU negotiators signalled trade talks would be put off until March unless the UK agrees to settle its Brexit divorce bill and reports emerged that some European figures expect May’s government to collapse.
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Special report by Russell Bruce Hardly a month goes by but it seems there is a delegation of elected Tory parliamentarians on a paid visit to Israel, courtesy of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI). This August it was the turn of five conservative members of the Welsh Assembly to get a freebie trip. In […]The post A Priti fine mess Mrs May… another ill-advised trump to the Golan...
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With the complete lack of self-awareness which is the hallmark of the true British Nationalist fanatic, Tom Gordon demonstrates why it is not only right, but essential that Alex Salmond does this TV programme. The arguments about whether it is … Continue reading →
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by The Citadel In the last three years we have seen three referendums. Why are the all so different? Are there no common rules? Does democracy have no value? Many applaud the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum. It had agreement between the UK government and the Scottish government and minimal ground rules were set down; even the question to be asked was scrutinised. There was a long...
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I was looking forward to watching the Alex Salmond chat show on RT News this week. You see I have never thought that RT News was any worse than many of the others, in fact I thought it was better than the Pravda of the north, BBC Scotland News, until I saw this Any show […]
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The Ministry of Defence has censored official warnings about the safety of the Trident nuclear weapons system based on the Clyde.
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There are so many distraction tactics, coupled with misdirection, misinformation, and sheer outright irrelevance, that go on in Unionist responses to the independence campaign. We’re accused of racism and homophobia by people who support a UK that is politically headed off to the nasty Little Britain espoused by the extreme right, cut off from the […]
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