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  It should come as no surprise that the mainstream media failed to cover another Scottish health service success – its outstanding patient safety record. In testimony before Westminster’s Health Committee last week, Dr. Pelle Gustafson, leading European expert on patient safety and CMO at Swedish Patient Insurer, was asked which country he would hold […]The post Mainstream...
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As the Guardian has reported this morning: Millions of homes will be forced to pay some of the highest energy bills for the past decade Read the full article...
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A HUGE American audience has heard of the need for Scottish independence after Nicola Sturgeon was interviewed on a major American news network.
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From SNP Media: The SNP has Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer are “treating Scots like fools” with their empty rhetoric on renewable energy – as Scotland suffers from the highest transmission charges in Europe under Westminster control. Alan Brown MP said the sky-high charges, imposed by the last Labour government in 2005 and maintained by the Tories for more than a decade, are the...
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