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SCOTLAND’S next independence referendum – when it comes – will be fought on a very different political terrain from 2014. Specifically, defence and security questions will loom much larger in any second referendum.
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IN 2007, after the Italian rugby team scored three tries in the blink of an eye to secure a shock win at Murrayfield for the first time ever, the Scotland coach Frank Hadden was asked if he could offer supporters any crumbs of comfort at all. His reply was: "Well, naebody's deid, that's the first thing..."
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The Indylive Radio team are grateful to Yes Glasgow NW for sharing the audio from their excellent zoom event, The Way Forward, with speakers Charlotte Ahmed from the newly elected National Yes Group  and Chris Hanlon, SNP Policy Development Convenor .  A wide range of searching questions from the audience makes for a very interesting discussion! Remember to subscribe to our Scottish...
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😂 Poor wee souls 😂

“Daily Mail readers have reacted with fury after it was revealed Joe Biden has removed a bust of Sir Winston Churchill from the Oval Office.

Following in the footsteps of Barack Obama – who was criticised by Boris Johnson for making the same move at the time – the president, who is of Irish heritage, took down the statue which was reinstalled in the Oval Office by...
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📮 Postal votes will be more important than ever at #SP21. There's a new tool on the SNP website to help you to apply for a postal vote.

💻 Just enter your name and post code.

🖨 Return the form to your local electoral office.
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