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Looks like only 24 countries in the world ran a budget surplus according to this data.

Note the size of the countries.

USA had a deficit of over 14%. Maybe they shouldn't be independent anymore?
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Scotland’s GDP in 2021 is estimated to be £32,974 ($39,000) per person. On day one of independence, this would make Scotland richer than Italy & Spain and just behind Japan. We would be twice as rich as Hungary, Poland and Croatia and three times richer than China.
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Tories believe that capitalism, private business and tax cuts will solve the individual food, energy & climate crises. Their ideology will destroy lives and destroy the planet.
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We need your support. Having reviewed our progress and achievements to date, and evaluating actions that need to be put in place to secure our future, we’re reminded of the risks of having such a small production team. We need to address this now as this is a real barrier to growth, and we are entering into IndyRef2 territory soon – it’ll be all hands on deck.
I've just addded the code to which will pull in The Hub events.
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