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Yes all the way !!!!
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Alison Johnstone MSP, Health spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, tonight (4 July) welcomed comments from the Scottish Government that it believes women from Northern Ireland should be able to access an abortion for free in Scotland.According to a newspaper report, Scottish Ministers will "set out shortly how that can be achieved."The issue was originally raised by Scottish Greens co-convener...
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@LeeluMultipass Hmm didn't copy and paste well lol
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On June 22, I did a talk in Livingston for the Livingston East branch of the SNP.  Phantom Power was there to make an audio recording of the talk, and it’s now available for download as a podcast. Due to the limitations of my WordPress account, I can’t make the download directly available from the […]
A poem written by my daughter a year ago.Feel free to share if you wish



There's a lion's roar within my lungs
I fight this war with love, not guns
My eyes are opened, mind expanded
I feel no fear from those who've landed
Upon my shores.

The media's scornful hate machine
Instructs to loathe those who are deemed
Unclean, impure, whose jaded eyes
Pray kinder hearts ignore the lies
And choose hope, not fear.

This land will be their home for now
As they mourn the lives of those who drowned
Stars snuffed like candles, dreams expired
Never to see their one desire
A home so safe.

They flee the bombs of the Eton boys
Who play with lives like patchwork dolls
There's money for war but none, they say,
For health care, schools, and so we pray
For brighter days.

An empty mind vomits vitriol
With raised right arm, a know - it - all
Who screams to keep our country white
And plunge us into depths like night
A new dark age.

They boast and brag of glory days
Brave British lads amidst bullet haze
No thoughts for those who died beside
Our soldiers, simply washed aside
In seas of blood.

North of the border, we don't yield
Our memories of Flanders Fields
We know them all, each single soul
Who died for cause of common goal
A freedom, sweet.

We recognise our common threat
Conceals it's failures in regret
Points fingers at those not born and bred
Under stripes of blue, white and red
A butcher's flag

I welcome you with open arms
I see a people who mean no harm
Who've had enough of bombs and blood
Who tire of being called a 'flood'
I am a Scot.

No blood stained rag will cloak my shoulders
Blind my eyes, make my heart colder
I keep my eyes towards blue skies
Deaf to warmongering racist lies
I am a Scot.

So here's to you my vagrant friend,
Until the day our conflicts end
When rich boys tire of their war games
Know their scourge was not in my name
I am a Scot.

Our schools are yours
Our laws protect you
When darkness calls
We will defend you
You are a Scot.
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The alarm goes off and you drag yourself out of bed. Drudge, trudge, nursing a grudge against the alarm clock that rules you. You got through another sleepless night, tossing, turning, sitting upright at every sound at every creak at every voice in the distant night. The nightmare of fire burns in your mind. You […]
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@Murchie I came across it on android store while looking for the Indy app.Though it looked interesting and downloaded and put some of my fb buddies on to it.😄
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Really enjoying the way this is set up. Can get all the podcasts in one place and not miss amy. 

Good work. 
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Nice wee app bro thanks for yer hard work a safe network for indyscots I'm gonna get my fb list to add this app too 
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@Richardmcdade Nice one! Any suggestions for improvements, just tag me in a post and I'll see it. I'm working on a full blown Android app, which should be out in about 4 or 5 months time so I'll do my best to include everyone's ideas.
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@LeeluMultipass It does help!
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@LeeluMultipass I'm into Twitter quite a bit. It's definitely an acquired taste though. I definitely liking this platform too. 
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@LeeluMultipass It's great martin Keatings done one before this but this is better there is another too indyscot event finder on app store
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The people of Scotland will be the only ones in Europe not to have a say on Brexit under the new timetable outlined by the First Minister, say the Scottish Greens.Responding to a statement by Nicola Sturgeon, where the First Minister revealed that she will “not seek” to introduce immediate legislation for an independence referendum, Scottish Greens’ co-convener Patrick Harvie said there is...
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Today Nicola Sturgeon spoke to the Scottish Parliament about her plans for another independence referendum. There had been rumours that she was going to shelve the referendum, even that it would be taken off the table like a plate of salmonella. What happened was that she clarified what she’d originally said when a second independence […]
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Mark Ruskell MSP, Climate Change spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, responded to today's (30 June) launch of a government consultation on a new Climate Change Bill by calling for cross-party agreement to set a target for leaving oil and gas in the ground.In the consultation, Scottish Ministers propose increasing Scotland's 2050 target of reducing climate change emissions by 90 per cent...
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Neal Ascherson has written an interesting article in this week’s Sunday Herald. It echoes a belief that has always served me well. Neal writes that the way to achieve independence is to act as though Scotland already is independent. By believing and by acting on our self-belief, we make a reality and bring it into […]
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Think I'm going to really like it around here. 

Fed up with all the Tory falsehoods and lies that prevents us from gaining our independence from that hell hole called Westminster. 
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David Jamieson explores a Scottish Euroscepticism. This article was first published in our print magazine, which comes free with The National on the first weekend of each month. Nicola Sturgeon’s revision of the independence referendum timetable this week (Tuesday 27 June) could either prove a route or a healthy tactical retreat and recalibration of the entire […]
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